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Free E-Book: Drive Business Growth With An Optimized Marketing Team

Your CEO has given you a very aggressive growth goal that has caused major anxiety. Do you have the right players on your marketing team to achieve these goals? Is your annual bonus tied to attaining these results? If so, what players do you need and how will you find these talented marketing experts?

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If you are a marketing leader who is struggling to map out your hiring strategy to achieve the business’ growth goals, Download Marketing Mob’s eBook on Driving Business Growth With An Optimized Marketing Team.

This eBook includes worksheets and other information to help you:

  • Define metrics and goals
  • Analyze and evaluate current marketing team members and productivityshutterstock_14964214_clipped_rev_1.png
  • Identify and resolve any marketing employee skills gaps
  • Make tough decisions on who's right for your team and who's happier elsewhere
  • Measure productivity gained with additional marketing resources
  • Determine who to hire to achieve these goals